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Funkita Ladies Wings Up Strapped In One Piece

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Get ready to strap in and make a statement with me next time you take me swimming. My single bind straps will criss cross down your back holding my keyhole securely in position while we power through the water. I’ve got a higher leg and bum than my Diamond Back and Single Strap One Piece sisters but will still keep you covered throughout your session. I come with full front lining and all the care and love in production that makes me proud to be Funkita._
Made from our exclusive C-Infinity fabric, a 100% Italian polyester that is a colourful breakthrough in chlorine resistant fabric technology!  The superior choice for swimmers, C-Infinity has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. Ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance-based swimming.

Sizes: 8/32" - 12/36"

Colour: Blue.

If you want to find a shortcut to success then get into a pair of Wings Up and watch your lap times drop overnight. Like riding an e-bike, no one will notice that you barely raise a sweat as you speed past them in the pool, while your millions of little electronic wings beat frantically away in the water. It might defeat the purpose of your workout but at least you will feel good beating everyone.


Manufacturer: Funkita

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